Sunday, February 27, 2011

My first time

Well besides occasionally blogging on what is my now defunct MySpace account, I am completely new to this whole blogging thing, so please bear with me as I learn my way.

I am drawing on my blog mostly from the best advise my Dad has ever given me in to simple words: "Enjoy Life." I do my best every day to find someway to enjoy life as my dad has suggested. Whether it is a t-tops off the Camaro ride home or simply sitting on the couch and watching my 2 rambunctious Yorkie puppies play, I seek out at least a little joy in every day life.

Now, I can't promise every post will be something super sunshiny and happy, I may occasionally vent about the job... Everyone has to have an outlet for that. But for the most part I want to talk about trying to live a joyful (and thankful) life...

Today, like most Sundays, I got to wake up with my husband. Today it was a treat since he has worked for nearly 2 weeks straight. We had our breakfast together as the pups (Max & Lucy) ran around. We watched t.v. and vegged out. We really need to get back to church, but well, we've been letting life (and 2 little puppies) keep us home. It was nice, considering I had to work (extra duty, I'll post about this soon) this evening. But I made the most of it... I made a cool fleece blanket for the pups to cover their new bed in hopes that they will not totally destroy this bed as they did their first one (in only 2 months, I might add!).

Oh and did I mention I got to drive the Camaro to work! No t-tops off since I'm sun burnt from hanging out on the river yesterday waiting for the St. Jude's boat parade to come by. But I still find joy in driving that LS1 power around, even if I just paid $3.52 a gallon for premium gas for it!

Well, at this point, I must sign off. My relief will be here shortly and I'll get to drive the Camaro home to my husband and puppies who are all waiting for me to get back home... Of course just for me to get up again in 8 hours and head to the normal work routine.

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